Thursday, May 16, 2013

Eggs and Ribbon

I have a confession to make. I mentioned how much I like fresh eggs to a co-worker because I was hoping she would bring me some. I do eat them; really I do. But I also wanted to take pictures of them. I'm sure you understand. Completely.

I loved my egg picture on Instagram, but when I first posted it here I noticed that the filter kind of made things a little squirrelly. So I edited a slightly different version on PicMonkey just blurring out the background a little. I think next time I'll use my big camera and get the real soft focus in the background without editing. 

I also took a page (literally) from Kelly Kardos who mentioned that she uses scrapbook paper sometimes as her backdrop. So that's exactly what I used for this ribbon picture. 

I pulled the ribbon out the other day to embellish my sweet mother-in-law's Mother's Day gift. That lady (who is 86-years-old) has an amazing memory. I layered a burlap ribbon under the one pictured here, and she remembered that she had given me the burlap ribbon years ago. I'm really hoping that I take after her somehow as I grow older. She is one tough cookie.

I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day, whether you were the recipient of some love or had a chance to let someone else know how much you've appreciated their mothering ways. 

Holidays always make me think of my own mom and how much I miss her.