Wednesday, December 28, 2011

She's a "Can-Do" Girl

The other night, while other mothers and daughters were in the kitchen baking cookies and other Christmas treats, Hannah and I were pulling out paints and art supplies for a different kind of creation. Her painting was an "H" made of leopard print while I created the "Can-Do" Girl. I didn't have a destination in mind as I began my work, and by 5 a.m., when Craig (bleary-eyed and yawning) walked into the kitchen the papers and brushes and paints and stamps were proof positive that she was a work in progress. I think she'll be my inspiration this year.... the push I need to get past "can't." That's why I'm calling her the "Can-Do" Girl. Because really, we can do anything we set our mind to. I'm saying farewell to can't. Want to join me?

For more of my mixed-media art, I hope you'll visit my Can-Do Girl Web page. Just click here!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Yes, Christmas is Over, however...

I couldn't resist posting one more photo (make that four, I guess) before I officially put the trappings of Christmas away until next year. Each year as I place ornaments on the tree I think of where they came from. I have many dating back to my early 20s when I put up my very first tree in a garage apartment in my mom's backyard. I inherited some of her ornaments and have others that have been given to me or made for me by family and friends. For instance, the ornament in the top photo came from a Christmas party with neighborhood moms who used to get together and celebrate birthdays and Christmas. The Santa in the middle is a skydiving Santa. My sister gave me that one. And on the bottom is one of my favorites. A handmade creation by Hannah. Ornaments tied to memories make decorating for Christmas that much merrier.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Wishes

Christmas wishes. Do you remember how you wished for things as a child and held your breath on Christmas morning as you tiptoed into the living room to see what Santa had left? I remember the "Dawn" dolls that were wrapped under the tree, the drum set that mysteriously disappeared shortly after Christmas festivities were over, the Frye boots (circa 1970s), and the guitar that I never learned to play.

Hannah has always kept her Christmas wish list manageable, but I'm sure my mother spent months paying for the gifts she gave her three girls. Christmas was her favorite time of the year with its decorations, pretty wrappings, and giving gifts that she hoped we would cherish. Even as we got older, Christmas was a special time for her. One year, she bought us nice wall clocks. Mine still hangs in the living room chiming out the hours day and night. The last Christmas gift she gave was an angel. My sisters and I found them wrapped and tagged in her closet after she had passed away just a few weeks before Christmas. Now, December brings with it a mix of joy and sadness as I inevitably think of my mother and how much she loved us and our Christmases together.

I can't hear "The Little Drummer Boy" without thinking of her. We even played that carol during visitation before her funeral. And I always think of how festive she made her home, adding decorative finishes to each room in her house.

My wish this year is for everyone to find joy in each and every moment of the Christmas season and to spend the holidays enjoying loved ones and friends.

Merry Christmas from my home to yours....

Sunday, December 4, 2011

It Was a "Wendy" Kind of Day!

We usually never know "why" things happen the way they do. We make plans. We put our heart and soul into whatever it is we're planning. Then things happen. Things that are out of our control. You know the saying... "stuff happens."

A couple of years ago, I made plans to visit four of my blog friends. But it didn't happen. My plane was delayed and delayed some more. So much more, in fact, that finally, at 1:30 the next morning, my flight was officially cancelled. I gathered my things and went right back home.

New plans were gradually made. Peggy is making plans to visit me during the summer of 2012. Now, Annemarie is coming with her! And today, TODAY, I met Wendy! My birthday soul sister. In my state.

And I was late picking her up.

There's something about those best laid plans that, uh, somehow go awry.

The clock and calendar in my head were not in-sync with my plans. It's happened twice this week. Thinking I was supposed to be somewhere at a particular time, only to show up late.

But aside from the unexpected people-watching Wendy got to do, we were able to meet, and have lunch, and view the city while we chatted, and chatted, and got to know each other.

What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than with a new, old friend. Somehow, seeing her in person made up for my cancelled trip from two years ago. Well, almost. I still think they had a wonderful time, and I missed all that.

Before I go, I have to tell you that Wendy is an amazing woman, an inspiration who is following her dream. Last night, I made this mixed-media piece for her because she had the courage to follow her dream. Maybe, one day, I will too.