Thursday, July 10, 2014

She Quit

My daughter is through with me. Well, she's through with me when it comes to peering through the lens of a camera and snap, snap, snapping her picture. I had to coax, cajole, and bribe her to let me take photos at the beach last month. It was just the two of us, so being the center of attention instead of sharing it with a friend who usually goes with us made her... uh... not too willing.... But I persevered until she finally relented, and I managed to get a few quick clicks in.

It was just the two of us this year - out of the ordinary since she's taken a friend all but one year that we've been to this particular beach. But it was nice. We packed picnics for the days we spent at the beach. We read and talked. We soaked up the sun (and soaked in the pool). Because most of the better seafood places are better known for their long waits and pricey menu items, we dined on frozen pizzas, ice cream, Thai, and Mexican food, and found a little hole-in-the-wall 'dive' that served up fried catfish and shrimp with little fanfare. Our table was on a pier. There was no wait. Just good food and sweet conversation.  

Simple. Fun. with my girl.... 

Monday, July 7, 2014

Trying to Focus

My thoughts are all over the place. Seriously. I can't check one thing off my list without getting distracted and doing something else entirely. I'm sure it would be interesting if there were an app that tracked my movements during the day. The tracking would probably look like a game board (think LIFE) where I move three spaces ahead but get sent back sometimes. Oh, and sometimes the route doubles back on itself. Yep. That's what it would look like; I'm practically sure of it.

Sometimes I just need to stop myself and gather my thoughts... embrace the silence and let my breathing slow into deep inhales and exhales. Listen to the fan whirring above me. Hear the sweet breaths of my dog who naps just inches from my chair.

Life can be as busy as we want to make it. Sometimes, it just feels good to let be.... To sit and let my thoughts dissipate in the air around me. Or, when I'm really ready to say good-bye to them, I let them pop like balloons that are filled with too much air. 

Pop. Pop. Pop. Inhale. Exhale.


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Big Changes

How are you with change? Is it something you look forward to, or do you run the other way when you see it creeping up on you? For me, change is expected from time to time.... At some point, I just seem to know that something new is in the air, and then I wait to see what opportunity is heading my way.

This year, it happens to be a new job at a new school using a brand new curriculum. Well, actually, the curriculum is thousands of years old, but it's somewhat new to me because it's not what the state and federal departments of education are touting. And I'm excited! This new school is a charter school that embraces the classical approach to education. I'm still learning about it, but suffice it to say that some of the greatest minds who have lived and breathed on Earth were taught using the classical model. And as I learned more about it, I felt at ease because a lot of what I've done in my classroom is a classical approach.

I'm not one to change jobs frequently or without much thought; it was difficult to take that step and say good-bye, but it just felt right. It will be an exciting year for me as one of the founding teachers at this new school. And challenging. But there are times when we just have to strap ourselves in for the ride and see where it leads.

The school's motto is "Where teachers can teach, and students will learn." I like that!