Friday, June 20, 2008

Destin "Day 6"

Loaded down with buckets (for castlebuilding), a cooler (for a mid-day snack), a beachbag, chairs, and an umbrella, Hannah and I made our way through the foot-deep sand to bask in the warm sun off the Gulf of Mexico. Not many people were in the water, although a few brave souls ventured out. No question about it; there are jellyfish in the Destin waters! Hannah and I watched as people, young and old, scurried out of the water after being stung. After building a huge castle-complex, I made a rather quick dash into the water to rinse off and got a little sting on the back of my leg. It wasn't terrible, but it did continue stinging for a while. So far, we had only seen the little jelly pieces like we saw yesterday. Suddenly, we saw a large jellyfish bobbing about in the surf. Just a few minutes later, another one came into view. Now these wouldn't give a slight sting; these boys would hurt! Hannah doesn't want to give up yet. We're going to give it another try tomorrow. Hopefully the jellies will move on and we can reclaim our space both in and out of the water.

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