Monday, July 14, 2008

Clinical Study (Day 1)

This is definitely a first for me. After taking part in two CDC-Emory studies in Macon, I was selected as a volunteer for a larger study that is taking place at Emory's clinical research center in Atlanta. Today was my admission day, so I'm sitting here in a hospital room while completely healthy! I 've already talked to Craig and Hannah, visited the gift shop (window shopped only... it was closed!), and watched several episodes of Jon & Kate Plus Eight.

My room is a regular hospital room containing one bed (head and feet adjust so that should be fun!), three chairs, a nightstand, and one of the rolling tables that also serve as a food tray. I have a small bathroom and even smaller towels. All they did today was take blood and other bodily fluids, had me checked out by one of the doctors involved in the study, and gave me several computerized questionnaires to complete. Tomorrow, I will begin the day chewing small bits of cottony-type material at specified times, so they can check my saliva for cortisol and/or other things.

Although I will not benefit from the tests, this is an interesting way to help others. Hopefully, from the study, medical mysteries will be solved!

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