Saturday, October 4, 2008

Me, Quirky? Say It Ain't So!

Quirky might actually be an understatement....

Okay, I was tagged by Miruspeg and Mommy2Twinkies and had to come up with seven quirky things I do. Problem was, after counting seven I could have continued, but I decided to combine a couple and disregard the rest. No one wants to read that much about me!

1. To get the ideas rolling, I asked my daughter if I had any quirks. "Yes," she said with a snicker. "You read magazines from the back to the front." Actually, I don't begin reading an article until I get to the first page of the article, then I proceed to read it the way it was meant to be read. But she's right. I always start in the back and work my way forward.

2. When I worked full time as a writer, I would walk to the restroom and wash my hands before starting a new writing project. And if I got bogged down with the details... a/k/a a small moment of writer's block... I would take that little walk again and re-wash my hands. I guess I was clearing my mind while cleaning my hands.

3. Combo #1: I never let my tennis partner or opposing player change the score. If someone changed it, I always had to "straighten it up," before I could start playing again. And this "straightening up" had to be done with me never changing my grip on my racket.

4. I doodle ceaselessly while waiting for my computer to catch up with whatever I am attempting to do. Boxes, faces, letters, and words. You name it; I doodle it.

5. I organize the books in my home office by subject.

6. Combo #2: After taking my shower in the morning, I put my PJ's back on until I've finished putting on a little make-up and drying my hair. I also wear socks - always - while in my house.

7. I leave e-mails in my inbox... forever. It may soon runneth over.

8. And, although I was only supposed to come up with seven, I have to add one more. For a while I woke up at 3:16 a.m. every morning. Last night, I was trying to remember what time I used to wake up (thanks to another post). And although I knew it was sometime around 3 a.m., I couldn't remember exactly when. This morning I woke up, but kept my eyes closed for about a minute. When I opened them, it was 3:17 a.m. Then I remembered! 3:16 a.m....

9. Okay. One more. Just one more. After checking out the quirks of MCMGrad89, I had to add this one: I love tomato sauce, spaghetti, and even drink tomato juice. But I HATE ketchup. I won't even touch the bottle. Can't even imagine closing the lid. I don't, and I mean absolutely won't, touch ketchup.

I call these little habits "quirks." Please don't call them anything else!
P.S. I'm afraid everyone I know has already been tagged. It looks like the quirks stop here.


miruspeg said...

Who said we don't want to read that much about you.....we do, we do, we do!

I like reading backwards or should I say from the back to the interesting.

You sound like a very organised person, which I am sure you would have to be being a teacher.
Also sounds like there is a budding artist somewhere inside trying to break out!.

Thanks for sharing your 'quirks'/habits....I thought of a few more of my own whilst reading them.

Take care

Caroline said...

I love reading about other peoples quirks. I have one...I have to wash my feet before getting into my bead! I do this every night. I cannot sleep thinking that my feet are dirty.

AVT Coach said...

This is a great quirky list. I too asked my husband and of course he immediately "helped me out!"
I think you, like Octamom are a perfect combination of Left Brain/Right Brain. Practical..Artist. Sorry for the label but it is my way of admiring people who have a great deal of both. I have to work at the right brain part..that is why I started blogging. I thought the writing would help that part of my brain develop. I tend to deal in left brain activity or at least approach projects from the left.
This was a fun list, I bet your daughter was cracking up!

Octamom said...

Glad to know you even better now!! I'm am laughing at the ketchup thing!!!!


McMGrad89 said...

Thanks for playing along. I think the quirky things in life that make our world so interesting.
The doodling is just a method of organizing your thoughts. It shows that you have a bit of kinesthetic learner in you. I love seeing other people's learning styles. I am definitely a doodler, and I love to learn by reading, but I usually have to draw all over the book and highlight information as I read.

miruspeg said...

Hi Roban!
I was checking your blog to see if there were any updates and noticed you had added 2 of your scrapblogs in full view......well I thought what a great idea and went to my blog to do the same took me a little time to figure out how you did it in that format...had to go away from the computer and have a cup of tea and when I came back I figured it out.....gee I was pleased with myself!

McMGrad89 said...

No. No fall break for us. We have given up our Columbus day break for I don't know what anymore. It used to be so that we could have a Military Family Day where all the soldiers still had to "work," but that consisted of taking your entire family with you for a morning run, visiting the tanks, or helicopters or whatever their jobs were and then going to an all day carnival at the stadium. That doesn't exist anymore since 9/11 and we never got that holiday back either.

miruspeg said...

I like the term 'my mind is perfectly blogless' is weird now that I have a blog when I am out and about I think that might be interesting to put on the blog!

I hear you are having 3 days off, what a relief that will be to have a break from reading the kids essays.....hope the sun will be shining, you can take Scout for a walk and explain why he wasn't featured in the challenge!

letti said...

:) that's like i hate anything that's strawberry flavored, but i like strawberries :P