Friday, April 17, 2009

sPriNg fEveR

i must have it...
spring fever that is

as i sit in the shade
of an old umbrella
i listen to the birds sing
while the leaves
whisper their own melody

the puppy wags her tail
while dreaming

i look up at a blue sky
and remember
blissful moments
of springs past

of creating poodles and giraffes
out of cotton candy clouds
that hung suspended in the sky

of hunting the juiciest blackberries
plumped up delicious
on the hill behind the house

of sitting quietly
with a book in my hands
as dusk began to settle
all around me

i sit here now
and think about
what i should be doing

no... instead
i'll succumb to spring fever
i will...

and experience

this blissful joy
called spring


McMGrad89 said...

Great poem. I love this photo. Hard to envision Spring Fever when I am trying to dry out from the pouring down rain we had right after school trying to put children in cars.

Mummy McTavish said...

I'm so glad spring has sprung for you. Time to thaw out, sit back and relax. It's still too hot to be outside for long here but your poem made me long for our winter when I can do delightful stuff outside and not break a sweat:)

Soak up the sunshine girl!

Ron said...

love the poem .. but I am a winter fan .. I have a poem about winter called "My warm friend" ..

as for my poem "there is a child" I would be honored for you to use any of my poetry in a class setting ..

One of my poems about poetry talks about a mitre used to cut matching angles .. poetry is like that .. If i write from the surface, I will touch only surface, If I write from my heart, it will touch hearts, and if I dare to touch my soul, I will touch your soul ..

rebecca said...

what warm and wonderful words of Spring! so nice to read on this cool and rainy morning here where i am.

Carrie said...

Lovely poem! Spring time is addictive especially after all of the cold, wet days most of the country has been having. Here's to sunnier days with many fun times under your favorite shade tree.

miruspeg said...

Delightful poem Roban.....and I am not just saying that because you are a friend.
It is a simple yet complex poem that allows one to ponder the delights of Spring.
I hope you will "enjoy, create, savor and experience this blissful joy called spring".

PS Love the photo (especially the yellow chairs) and the music you have included.

Monica said...

Love the music and refusing to think about what you should be doing. Nice lesson there my friend, and I will try my best to follow in your footsteps!

Octamom said...

Love the photograph, love the writing! Just beautiful!


Leah said...

I know I've got Spring Fever!! But this disease I can handle! Nice poem!