Friday, July 31, 2009

It's Friday and...

I have things I have to do today.
I need to hop in the shower, dry my hair, get ready for the day....
I need to either go to the next town over to see my husband's new office, or
go to the school and get my room somewhat arranged for the new year....

which means arranging desks,
hanging posters,
making my room inviting....

And here at home,
I need to sweep and mop the floors,
put things away,
dust the furniture,
and get my house smelling all fresh and clean again....

I need to tackle the laundry,
wash my fave chino capris,
iron a few things,
and get ready for a trip to the beach....

I don't have time to blog,
or visit other blogs,
or leave comments,
or even say hello....

But I can tell you that a few of us bloggers will be posting a reflection on our words,

We're waiting until tomorrow because we've been busy doing things called living....
And even though some months seem to take forever to end
(as in months with five weeks between paychecks),
the end of the month still slips up on us....

So have a great Friday
and know that I'd like to be visiting you
to see what you're up to
and what you're thinking about
and what your plans are for the weekend.

P.S. I'll probably sneak back later just to see who's around!


miruspeg said...

Busy, busy day Roban but that is life and we wouldn't have it any other way....would we???

I am foregoing the housework AGAIN this weekend and opting to play squash, go for a walk, snap some pics and sort through my books in the spare room to put into my new Ikea bookshelves.....AND of course it goes without saying visit my blog friend when I should be in bed.

Hope the sun shines all weekend for you dear friend.

Lots of love

Heather of the EO said...

YOU are hilarious. WHY is there always SO MUCH TO DO??? Seriously, we need time for blogging :)

I hope your day was productive and renewing at the same time.


Anonymous said...

what a to do list!

enjoy your weekend.

Mummy McTavish said...

*gives mischevious grin*

But don't teachers just turn up on the first day of school like the students do???

*ducks for cover*
I didn't mean it!!!!! Hope all the prep work is going well.