Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Plentitude of Gratitude....

I have a confession to make. I procrastinate. I find a million other things to do than what needs to be done at that moment.

Like now.... My house needs a little cleaning. Well, a lot if you count the gazillion paw prints that have been tracked onto the floor during the past several days of rain we've had here. Papers and books are stashed here and there, including several bins full in the dining room that have been waiting a sort-through since summer. And if I don't get things sorted and moved and cleaned, how will I ever make room for Christmas decorations?

Which leads me to Thanksgiving.... in a roundabout way, of course.

Thanksgiving. Being thankful.

I looked at a gratitude journal at Barnes and Noble last night and was tempted to buy it. I held it in my hands. I flipped through the coated pages. I looked at the designs and the journal prompts. And I realized that I don't need a gratitude journal to express my thankfulness. I can share it with you rather than keep it tucked away somewhere in my clutter. So, today, on the eve of Thanksgiving, I share these thoughts....

I'm thankful for...
  1. my family, of course. For a husband who works hard to provide for his family, who gives freely of his time to prepare meals and package breakfast and lunch five days a week. For a daughter who brings me joy every day. For in-laws who know the meaning of love and friendship and faith.
  2. my home. Even though it's a little on the messy side today and is in need of a few repairs, it's home.
  3. a car that doesn't leave me stranded. In my younger days, I had cars that would choose when and where to crank. I had to be pushed off nearly everywhere I went in my Kharmann Ghia Volkeswagen. I bought cars that should have had "lemon" printed on them in bright orange paint. Now my husband takes care of that for me. (Did I already say I'm thankful for my husband?!)
  4. a job. It's tough sometimes teaching nearly 100 teenagers. It's demanding. It's challenging. But the rewards are there.
  5. silly puppies and faithful dogs. There's no other animal on the planet that can convey love and trust like dogs can. (That's my opinion, of course; you're welcome to your own!)
  6. time to play.
  7. the freedoms America offers and the choices that come with it.
  8. the inner drive that let me see college as a way to better myself and my future.
  9. Mr. Anderson who helped me obtain a loan, so I could quit working full time and finish my degree.
  10. friends who have been a part of my life.
  11. the gifts and abilities God has given me. I pray that I will recognize these gifts and use them for His purposes.

I need to give thanks more often. For the ray of sunlight that is battling its way through this cloudy day.... for the colorful leaves that still decorate the trees in my yard.... for the little things that brighten the minutes of each day.

Gratitude and thanks.

To my friends in America, I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! To my friends in other lands, may you have a Happy Day of Peace and Joy!


Anonymous said...

I love your thankful list!

Relyn said...

I love this post! One habit our family has is daily expressions of gratitude. At night before we share prayer requests, we rotate around the circle two or three times and list what we are thankful for in that day. In the mornings as Sloane and I head to school, we again list two or three things we are thankful for. Sometimes we play the ABC game. Taking turns, we go through the alphabet listing something we are thankful for with our particular letter.

McMGrad89 said...

That's quite a thankful list.

Yolanda said...

I love your list and I hope you have a wonderful holiday.

cinner said...

That is a wonderful list, I am a procrastinator too, but only for so long and then man can I get things done. I have a feeling your the same. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends.

Candace said...

Thanks for the great reminder about gratitude and our many blessings. I've been trying really hard lately to remember how lucky I am and be grateful for the small things each day. I find I am so much happier at the end of the day when I focus on what I do have and what I can do instead of the other way around. Have a Happy Thanksgiving Roban!

Caroline said...

I am so very thankful to know you Roban...your inspiring comments this past year on my blog have uplifted me so much. You are an angel! I am grateful to know you! Be blessed :)

miruspeg said...

What an inspiring post Roban!
Like you I am so thankful for so many things in my life, the list is virtually endless.

It's a great thing to write about because we can loose perspective sometimes with the mountains of responsibilities and concerns we face everyday.

I'm grateful to be 'above ground' with good health, for the good people I will meet today and the opportunity I'll have to contribute positive things to all I come in contact with.

Life has been good to me and I will always count my blessings.

You Roban are one of those blessings!

Peggy xxxx

Silver said...

And I am thankful for chancing upon someone as nice as you as a cyber friend ;)

Warm thoughts of you, Roban

beth said...

and the happiest of thanksgivings to you and your family this year....

you have so much to be thankful for.....

and thank you for being you.

letti said...

hi roban, thanks for dropping by. Happy thanksgiving! Sounds like your family is truly blessed. Yup, Jaxon's growing up fast :) I haven't had time to go on scrapblog, what with a time consuming almost 8 month old on my hands.. but loving every moment of it :)

AVT Coach said...

I love this list! You are right, the blog is a perfect place to share your list. I have a friend who writes a few items on in a gratitude journal each night. It has been a blessing in their life. I am considering "gratitude" as my word for next year. I am very grateful for my friendship with you!