Sunday, January 1, 2012

It finally came...

that long awaited word of the year that's been floating around... just out of reach. I made lists and pondered and still was undecided. Then it came to me, and I felt that it was right. "Renew." I'm ready for that.

I'm ready to restore my physical self into a healthier state of existence. To make like new. To refresh. To renew.

I'm ready to make extensive changes to the way I work and live. To work more efficiently as a teacher and get home at a more reasonable hour and work more effectively in my home. Doing what needs to be done and not putting things off until later. To renew.

I'm ready to focus my efforts on a few projects I have in mind. To begin again. Resume. Renew.

When I think of the word "renew," I think of vitality and spirit. To look at the world in new ways, to consider new possibilities, to say yes to new opportunities. It's going to take some effort... all this renewing I plan on doing. But I'm ready to say good-bye to "can't" and actually do something to make a difference this year.

What plans do you have for the new year?


miruspeg said...

Fabulous post Roban! I loved reading your thought process and conclusion about that very important "word of the year".
"Renew" will be a very empowering word for 2012 for you.....I can feel it in my bones!

My word of the year for 2012 is "Perseverence". My aim is to live up to this quote:
"Perseverance is the hard work you do after you get tired of doing the hard work you already did.
~~ Newt Gingrich

Beautiful photo too.
Warmest hugs
Peggy xxxxx

Jen said...

Renew...what a beautiful choice. My year needs to be about change, taking some steps into the unknown to hopefully find more calm and happiness.

Wishing you all the best in the new year!

McMGrad89 said...

Love it. I think every few years all teachers need that as their word. Best wishes to you as you seek to renew.

beth said...

such a perfect word !!!

Relyn said...

Here it is March and I still don't have my word. What's wrong with me? I think I must not be too eager about this year.