Thursday, November 22, 2012

Keeping the Tradition

We live near my husband's parents, so Thanksgiving for us takes place at their dining room table. Usually there are six of us there: My husband and daughter, my mother- and father-in-law, and their other son who flies in from California. This year, he's going to be a day late, so our Thanksgiving dinner with the family will be on Friday instead. I was ready to roll with the flow, but my daughter had strong ideas of her own.

"What?! We're not having Thanksgiving on Thanksgiving? But it's our tradition!" she exclaimed in desperation. Not only was it marking the end of a tradition for her, but it was also jeapordizing her plans for a little Black Friday shopping.

During the past few days, my kitchen has transformed. A few items stockpiled around the stove. Grocery bags laying empty and ready for recycling. A pile of groceries and a stack of recipes commandeering the counter top.

We will still have Thanksgiving dinner with my husband's family. But my husband made sure the tradition of a Thanksgiving feast would not be lost in our household. My daughter and I will sit at our kitchen table with the chef of the family and enjoy our Thanksgiving meal. On Thanksgiving, by the way, because a bountiful Thanksgiving meal is a tradition. (Just ask my daughter.)

If you celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope your day is full of blessings and good food, too! Happy Thanksgiving!


McMGrad89 said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Roban. We don't have specific traditions. that comes from growing up in a Puerto Rican family. It wasn't until we started going to an American church that Thanksgiving meant anything. However, I am still happy to eat Caribbean fare than American, but somewhere a teacher told one of my kids that you had to have turkey, so it gets squeezed in somewhere. Thanks to whoever that teacher was.

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Kelly said...

Happy thanksgiving Roban! Black Friday aside-I think it's wonderful that your daughter has string beliefs in tradition!! I think that's wonderful. Enjoy your day with family and great photo!!

Lisa Gordon said...

I understand just how your daughter felt. In the past, when we've gone away to my brother-in-law and sister-in-law's house for Thanksgiving, my kids have always wanted "our own," so when we return, we do it all over again at home!