Monday, July 8, 2013

Finding Peace

I hijacked my daughter's iPad and played with the drawing app. (I've decided to gift her with a stylus as soon as I can.)

I finally had to give up on drawing her eyes open with just my fingertip. After many do-overs, I had to settle for this expression. When I looked back at it, I decided that she looked content. And it got me to thinking.... Feeling content with one's life has got to be one of the greatest joys we can hope for.

So, I hope you find your peace today... that you soak up a giant amount of contentment. It may be easy to grab hold of, or you may have to dig deep to find it. But I hope you experience it in spite of what life throws at you sometimes.

Happy Tuesday!


augcott said...

Awesome drawing ... I may have to look up that app.
And your post matched the drawing so wonderfully.

Lisa Gordon said...

She does look content, and I really like this sketch, Roban.

Happy Day to you!

beth said...

looking and searching for contentment.....and praying for it, too !!!