Monday, May 12, 2014

Giclee Prints... ooh, la, la!

When my giclee prints arrived in the mail, I could barely contain my excitement! I had been waiting for this day for quite a while, so to actually see the prints - live and in person - was a pretty special moment for me. I think I actually let out a squeal and even did a happy dance around my table.

I didn't want to offer the prints in my Etsy shop until I had a chance to see them myself. I wanted to be sure the quality was what I wanted. And I was not disappointed! I described them as yummy.... the quality of the print, the texture of the paper. Just right!

I'm getting busy adding a variety of sizes and prints to my listing. So come on over when you have a chance and see what's available. 

I'll be adding a few new note cards featuring summertime photography within a couple of weeks, too.



McVal said...

How cool are those??!!

Lisa Gordon said...

These are beautiful, Roban!
I am glad that you were happy with them.

Kelly Kardos said...

How fun!!!! I love getting the orders in and opening them up. Your girls are beautiful.

Relyn Lawson said...

I love your umbrella and sky card.