Monday, July 7, 2014

Trying to Focus

My thoughts are all over the place. Seriously. I can't check one thing off my list without getting distracted and doing something else entirely. I'm sure it would be interesting if there were an app that tracked my movements during the day. The tracking would probably look like a game board (think LIFE) where I move three spaces ahead but get sent back sometimes. Oh, and sometimes the route doubles back on itself. Yep. That's what it would look like; I'm practically sure of it.

Sometimes I just need to stop myself and gather my thoughts... embrace the silence and let my breathing slow into deep inhales and exhales. Listen to the fan whirring above me. Hear the sweet breaths of my dog who naps just inches from my chair.

Life can be as busy as we want to make it. Sometimes, it just feels good to let be.... To sit and let my thoughts dissipate in the air around me. Or, when I'm really ready to say good-bye to them, I let them pop like balloons that are filled with too much air. 

Pop. Pop. Pop. Inhale. Exhale.



Kelly Kardos said...

I know that feeling!!! I like your analogy. Yes...don't forget to breath...btw-I kinda love your new header!!

McVal said...

That's descriptive!! and exactly how I feel some days too...

Lisa Gordon said...

I know just how you feel, and I think this happens more in the summertime, than any other time. At least for me anyway. Our summers here are pretty short, and it can get crazy trying to pack everything in, that you want to do while the weather is co nice.