Saturday, November 1, 2008

And I Had it All Along

As many of you already know, I'm always looking for perfection in life. And I must admit that I often look at others as symbolizing what is perfect. For instance, I have always thought that a friend of mine had the perfect home. It exuded warmth from before you even set foot in the front door. In the evenings, the warm glow of Pottery Barn lamps seeped through the windows. Family and friends always seemed to linger in the kitchen, where the sweet aroma of bread or biscotti filled the air. It just seemed like the perfect example of cozy warmth.

Now mind you, this friend was a stay-at-home mom. With her children in school all day, I could understand how her home could maintain this sense of warmth, while I toiled at work from sun-up to sun-set it seemed. An excuse, perhaps, for my home to be a little... well... messy and not so warm.

So this fall I decided that my home, too, would exude warmth. That my husband and daughter would immediately feel my love when they walked through the front door. I bought new fall flowers to create an artful display of welcome for the front door.

I bought some small pumpkins and gourds to warm up my kitchen.

Then came the revelation. One evening as I finished reading The Shack on my back deck, I paused and looked... really looked into my home. And I saw it. It wasn't the decorative gourds, nor the beautiful fall flowers that gave my home a sense of warmth. It was love. And it was there, right there, in my home. Without fancy props, without expensive trappings, my home did exude warmth. And I smiled.

At times, we may be so busy trying to live up to high standards we set for ourselves and our own image of perfection that we don't even realize that we've exceeded our own expectations. And it really doesn't have to cost a cent or take too much time to accomplish. We possess it all along in the form of hugs, encouragement, and kisses.


McMGrad89 said...

I certainly cannot live up to the outwardly warm appearing home, but I know that there is love here and that is all that matters in the end.

BTW - Thanks for asking...G comes Christmas Day.

mommy2twinkies-Deb said...

I LOVE this post. It is wonderful. Even though I'm a stay at home mom, I'm always criticizing myself for not having things just perfect. I'm always finding things that I haven't done-because I get distracted, or busy with the twins, etc. Thank you for putting things in just the right way. You're a cool chick. I really like you. I have "The Shack" on my nightstand, but haven't opened it yet. Is it good?

PS-I love your new look too!

miruspeg said...

Firstly and foremost, congratulations on working out how to put this beautiful new header and background on your blog....I'm impressed!

Secondly, I love the title of this post 'And I Had It All Along'....isn't it wonderful when we make these discoveries for ourselves and you expressed it beautifully.

I no longer strive for perfection, I love my little blemishes and quirks, I never want to take life too seriously.

Take care

Octamom said...

Absolutely love this! You are so, so, so right--it's not all the props, it's not the decor, it's not the level of housekeeping--it's what takes place within these walls that matters. Great post!

Thanks for asking about 4 of 8--looking a possible surgery date end of next week--CT scans have confirmed that it is tarsal coalition. She's a little scared but ready to have better use of the foot.


Octamom said...

OH--and I love the new template look--beautiful!

AVT Coach said...

I agree, we spend alot of time looking over the neighbors fence. I feel very fortunate to have a loving family, children who love their family and a home to rest in. Your description WAS perfect! This was a great post!

Caroline said...

Great post! I often forget that as well. But mostly, I set standards for myself that are too high and never think I am doing enough, giving enough or loving enough. This is a great reminder...

Living Balanced said...

Even so, I really like the flowers on the front door.

I'm so glad you can have a warm feeling without spending a cent. Now that's what I call perfect!

Ron said...

I think there comes that epiphany in our lives when we realize, by working harder to provide more, we are providing less of something much more needful than designer shoes and hoodies. Some folks have reached that moment, while others are still on their way there.
I know where my riches lie, when I can hear the laughter of kids and soothing warmth of a loving soul next to mine at night. For the long list of thing I will never be able to give all my kids and grandkids, there is another list, written in gold, that contains the number of hugs, smiles, laughs, and comforting touches. On the scales at the end of my time, I hope the second list far outweighs the first. Then, I will know I have left this world a success.

Jen said...

Wow - what a great post. I loved reading it...good reminder.