Thursday, January 1, 2009

Faith and Joy... My Words for 2009

If you follow Caroline's blog at The Zen in You, you've read about choosing a word for the year. This is an excellent idea that can actually take the place of resolutions. Instead of coming up with big goals to achieve, you focus on a word during the year instead.

To make sure I would choose the best word for myself, I looked at lists and gave much thought to the word I would choose, but none of the words really popped out at me. I thought of gratitude, discipline, balance, and grace... all good things to strive for, but none of the words sounded right.

It seemed that no matter what path my brain took, I kept going back to the word "faith." My problem with faith is that I have faith in God, but I don't internalize what that word really means. Instead, I worry... about everything! If I truly have faith, I must leave everything in God's hands. Then, there will be no reason to worry! So, my decision was made. My word for 2009 will be "faith."

And "joy!"

I couldn't stick with just one word. I figure that "faith" will free up some space in my life, which in turn will allow me to embrace more completely the "joy" in my life.

If you're interested in taking this journey, you can read more about a word for the year here at The Zen in You and at Christine Kane's blog. Best wishes during 2009!


miruspeg said...

Delightful words Roban and it is a lovely scrapblog featuring them.
You are a rebel choosing 2 words...for once in my life I am playing by the rules!

Look forward to reading your thoughts and experiences about 'faith' and 'joy'.


Courtney from mommie blogs said...

beautiful words that will help you everything.

my favorite verse on faith is hebrews 11:1

p.s. thanks so much for your comment. we are going to pick out new furniture today. I still just can't believe this has happened. I just don't get it!

Courtney from mommie blogs said...

I should really proofread - I forgot the "through"

beautiful words that will help you THROUGH everything!

avtcoach said...

Hey Roban, I love your words and that there are two that go together so well! I am already enjoying thinking about my word and I really look forward to reading about yours throughout the year!

McMGrad89 said...

Okay, I don't know why my pic is not loading here, but just click on my name and you will see one on my profile.