Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What Did Your Wednesday Look Like?

I found this idea at Lisa's blog, it's the little things, and thought I would recap my day in a similar way.

Here's what my Wednesday looked like:

Lack of sleep
Rush to work
Word of year
Advisement here

Teaching students
about new things
Looking forward
to what tomorrow brings

Homework helper
Essay grader
Blog updater
Sleep comes later

Since that's a little cryptic... Today in advisement, we were to have our students complete a sheet about their resolutions for the year. Well, now that I'm on to a word for the year, I couldn't resist sharing that idea with them. So, after they had completed their resolutions chart, I told them about choosing a word and shared mine with them (faith and joy). I pulled up Caroline's post at The Zen in You about words and read over the list with them. I was thrilled to see how serious they took this. Several decided on the word "courage." Others chose "health." One chose "improvement." I can't think of them all now, but it was very encouraging to see them give this some thought. Although I must say they made their decision MUCH quicker than I did!


miruspeg said...

Love your rhyming recap. I read it to the tune 'My favourite things'.

How interesting AND EXCITING that your students really enjoyed thinking of a WORD.

Blogging is not a waste of time afterall...not that I thought it was....but a learning!


Mommy2Twinkies-Deb said...

I so can't rhyme like that! Great job! Sounds like we both need sleep. I loved the word exercise too, and mine was a phrase--baby steps.

Mummy McTavish said...

Wow! Glad they were excited by it! Loved your recap, I can't rhyme to save myself.

Jen said...

Wow, so much more creative rhyming talent than I possess! But fun to read!

It is fabulous that you are introducing your kids to the word of the year concept...I still need to select mine, but I love the idea much more than creating resolutions.

Caroline said...

I love this! What a great idea and your poetry is wonderful!

Octamom said...

I think it is so fantastic that you have taken the 'word' challenge to your students--just awesome!

Love your Wednesday list!


:) Shauna said...

I'm new here! What a great blog :)

avtcoach said...

I would think that the use of technology would really be of interest to your students. They would likely be more interested in a word from the internet than a word from a list you put on the chalk board. Also, I remember jr. high was when I began reading poetry and making little spiral notebooks of pictures from Seventeen magazine. That's that age that they learn what the word can do for them. What a great idea to use this with their class. Have you thought about a class blog where they take turns posting...or is against school rules.

Monica said...

You are such an amazing teacher. Opening their eyes and having them ponder. Awesome!

Annie said...

What a great idea! It's nice to meet you--thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog today. Love yours! I'll be back..