Monday, February 9, 2009

It's a Match, Part 2

It's a big week in my household. It's not only the week of Valentine's Day, but it's also the week we celebrate our anniversary. Today marks our 18th year of married life!

From the beginning, odds may have been against us. On our first lunch date, his car was packed for a weekend of golf. Mine was packed for a weekend of skydiving. He talked about Alabama football. I talked about... skydiving. He enjoyed running. I enjoyed... skydiving. His family made sure he had a college education. I was still paying my way through school while juggling full- and part-time jobs.

But I liked him. Although I was admittedly confused about his passion for golf and college football.

After a few more dates, we clicked. I even became an Alabama fan, wearing crimson, which I was sure clashed with my hair. And he ventured to the airport with me a few times to watch me jump and to join me on a few flights.

He proposed on his parents' anniversary, right in the heart of 'bama territory. He figured that if I accepted his proposal at a football game, I would certainly understand his passion for Bama football and wouldn't hold it against him in the future.

We set our wedding date for the following April but moved it up to February when we found a house to buy. A small, white frame "cottage," it was definitely not the three-story house on the lake that we had first looked at!

It seems amazing that 18 years have passed since that special February day. Since then we have worked hard to build a home for our family and were blessed to welcome a daughter into our world five years after our marriage.

On the outside, one would not think our marriage was such a monumental event. We met, fell in love, and got married. It happens all the time to other people. But it was even more than that. My husband brought to me the kind of life of which I had dreamed. One of stability, of safety, and of love.

A man of few words, my husband speaks the language of love through actions more so than words. He helps take care of our home, washing clothes, cooking meals, keeping the grass mowed. He wakes up earlier than necessary to prepare my breakfast and package my lunch each and every day of the school year. And it's not just any breakfast or lunch. He is thoughtful enough to vary my meals, so I don't get tired of eating the same thing each day.

And even though he doesn't say much, he has often captured my heart with just a few simple words scribbled at the bottom of a card.

This man of few words is a man of many actions, and his actions speak louder than words. I wouldn't trade my 18 years of marriage for anything. I am blessed and happy to be his wife.

Happy Anniversary!



Mummy McTavish said...


She Loves Wine said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and your kind words... like you, I love being a mother although there are times I wish I could go back and strengthen what is weak in them and myself.

I love your blog. I am a scrapbook person and an altered book artist. I've never gotten into the digital aspect of it but I'd really like to spend some time digging into it.

There are never enough hours in the day!

Wonderful that you are a teacher.. my oldest is working on getting his degree in creative writing and then his Masters and PhD. Wants to do screenwriting.

Jen said...

Congratulations - 18 years, wow! Loved reading this. My husband makes my lunch every day, too. And I think it is the sweetest thing (OK, I probably forget to actually say that to him often enough...)

McMGrad89 said...

What a wonderful post and a wonderful tribute to an excellent partner. I like his love language especially since actions speak louder than words.

Carrie said...

Happy Anniversary! What a beautiful way to to share with us your love story. He sounds like a wonderful husband and I love that you honored him with such a lovely post. It's great that you list his strengths (it's always good to remind ourselves of those especially when we are having a bad day that involves them!)

miruspeg said...

I am sorry I am late coming to read this post, my hard disk died last week but thanks to a wonderful computer guy I am up and running again.

This is a truly beautiful post Roban. How wonderful that you both found each other and thank you for sharing your story.

You are blessed, he is blessed, your daughter is blessed, AND we are blessed to know you get the picture!

Talking about pictures....fabulous wedding dress and head piece.

Lots and lots of love

Anonymous said...

18 years! Yippee! Congrats. My husband sounds much the same...his actions speak louder than words. We have been together for 19 years (13 married). Isn't incredible how much changed, yet stayed the same? Here's to many many blessed years to come!


MrsPeel said...

I think I have said this many times to you, to Octamom, to Mommy girls are a breath of fresh air in the rotten world I have around me.
Not around me as close, Thank God my own family is beautiful, with all their ups and down my parents have been together for 51 years.. :)
but I'm talking about the life in London, where it seems most people have forgotten the meaning of marriage or having children...

Congratulations, I can feel so happy for you, that's a great, great thing.... and you inspire me to write more, to do more...

Also, my dear: you were such a gorgeous bride!!!!!!!!! the dress is marvelous, your hair, everything is dream like!!! :) he looks handsome too , you both make a beautiful couple!

Wishing you all the best!!!

Octamom said...

This is so beautiful! Congrats on 18 years--that's just wonderful!


Kelly said...

Beautifully written Roban...Happy Anniversary xo