Saturday, February 28, 2009

February Reflections on Our Words

It's been a busy February for me, and I have to admit that on some days my words for the year were just hazy thoughts pushed back to farthest reaches of my mind! With too many standards to teach in too little time, and our state testing dates just mere weeks away, my focus has not been on faith and joy. At least not entirely. But moments of joy played all around me, and they're playing again as I post reflections from several of my friends.

Joining me today are AVT Coach, Peggy from Middle Age Ramblings, Annemarie from So I Was Just Thinking, and Octamom. To reflect and share on our words, we decided to write new lyrics for some familiar songs. AVT Coach and Peggy have the playlists on their blogs, so if you need to hear the melody, click on over and enjoy!

AVT Coach chose the melody of "A Wonderful World" for her lyrics...

“An Abundant World”

I hear songs of love…devotion too
I sing along…a few notes for you
And I think to myself….what an abundant world.

I whisper prayers…for friends in need
Some who are joyful…some really grieve.
And I think to myself….what an abundant world

The words of a loved one….so dear to my ear
Are just what I needed… take away my fear
I hear people sharing…and it’s more than a few.
They’re really sayin’…I love you.

I see my children….I’ve watched them grow
They work and play…independence they show
And I think to myself…what an abundant world

"A Wonderful World" was written by George David Weiss and Bob Thiele. Louis Armstrong recorded the song in 1968.

For her song, Peggy chose "Where is the Love" by the Black-Eyed Peas ...

"Where is the Balance"

Listen to what your body and feelings are telling you
Like most things in life,
It takes practice and experimentation.
We need to make adjustments,
As we go along.
We need to stop and reflect,
To see which parts of our life,
Are out of Balance.
Then take the steps,
To put them back in Balance.
So remember to stop and ask yourself,
Where is the Balance.....
Where is the Balance.....
Where is the Balance......

"A Few of My Discipline Needs" by Annemarie is sung to the tune of "A Few of My Favorite Things..."

Disciplined living – for this I am searching
“Fly by the seat of my pants” isn’t working
Making a list of the things I must do
This just might help locate my left shoe
Grading my papers as soon as I get them
Clearing my desk off so I won’t forget them.
Grocery shopping for healthier things
These are of few of my Discipline Needs
When I’m tired
I don’t want to
pack a lunch for sure
But when I remember my Discipline needs
A healthy lunch is ... in store!!!

The lyrics to my song are sung to the tune of “Edelweiss,” the Rodgers and Hammerstein hit from The Sound of Music.

"Faith and Joy"

Faith and joy, faith and joy
These two words will sustain me.
Through the year, far and near
Faith and joy will be mine.

Faith that God will see me through
With joyful days His voice rings true.

Faith and joy, faith and joy
These are the blessings I’ll gather.

Octamom brought in a little extra help for her song about Excellence!

Excellence Song from Octamom on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful post! Love the 20 things about you... You are a scrapblog genius!

Jen said...

What a fun idea - you are so creative! I enjoyed reading it, and hang in there with everything else. I know how much pressure is on everyone with testing and test results - wishing you well!

Monica said...

I just love your new look!

I've been really busy too. My new goal is to take Sunday as a day of rest. No chores no homework.

miruspeg said...

With all of us having a particularly busy February, I am delighted we still managed our joint gives me great JOY.


Mrs. Victory's Class said...

Well, we did it! Even though I wasn't even in town!

Oh, I see i am logged in as my otherself. Ignore that!

Your background and mine are looking similar. Great minds think alike.