Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"Seeing" Our Words

Where has this month gone? For me, it's been a bit stressful with several days each week spent late at school preparing, grading, or getting organized, teaching Saturday school twice, helping with homework, and even throwing in a quick remodeling job (not yet finished) in my sunroom.

So I must confess that my thoughts have not been geared towards my words for the year... my words of "faith" and "joy." Instead, words more intune to my emotions this month would have been "patience" and "grace." (Or the lack thereof!) Let's just say that it's a good thing spring break is now ONLY two weeks away....

I did have to stop and think about my words in a more focused manner this past week as I spoke with Annemarie, Peggy, AVT Coach and Octamom about our joint post. For this one, we decided to share our words through photographs. I decided to use a couple of photographs that I had taken earlier this year of a nearby river. I thought the gray day juxtaposed with the sunny day expressed my thoughts well.
AVT Coach is still enjoying the "abundance" in her life...

Annemarie of So I Was Just Thinking created this photo, which shows several healthy meals that portray her word of the year, "discipline." Doesn't the food look delicious?

Peggy from Middle Age Ramblings invited a few friends to help her show how important "balance" is to her life....

To help visualize "excellence," Octamom enlisted cute little 7 of 8, who has been overcoming the effects of a neonatal stroke. You can tell by this beautiful photograph that nothing's going to hold her back!

I hope our words and images inspire you to focus on your word of the year. Feel free to post an image on your site, link to us, and let us know about it! I promise to do a better job this month focusing on my words as I throw open - even wider - the door to faith and enjoy all of the joy that awaits me.


AVT Coach said...

Beautiful post! You do not give yourself enough credit. I know that you are spreading Faith and Joy each day to your students and encouraging them in their writing!

McMGrad89 said...

AVT Coach says it well. You must look into the eyes of others around you to see the Joy you provide them while having Faith in their abilities to be successful. If you didn't have that Faith, you wouldn't continue teaching, as there are far higher paying jobs out there, but none quite as rewarding.

miruspeg said...

I love the title for this post Roban..."Seeing Our Words".... it evokes visual perception!

When I left the house this morning and scheduled our joint post for later in the day, I couldn't wait to get home and turn the computer on to read your post and the other girls.....talk about joy.

Balance is not the only word that inspires me. I focus on all our words and these monthly posts really keep me centered.

I admire your dedication to your work Roban and I know you impact greatly on your students lives.

Keep smiling my friend.

Octamom said...

Yea for upcoming Spring Break for you! And I have to agree with our other word buddies--you certainly walk out faith and joy each day!


Octamom said...

oh, and I'm with Peg--love the 'seeing our words' title!


miruspeg said...

Love, love, love your new header.

Beautiful colours and photos and layout.