Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Telephoto Tuesday

a little lizard happened by
and got right in my way
i had to snap his photograph
before he rushed away
oh, what fun to look around
and see what nature brings
from bright green lizards on my deck
to birds that like to sing


McMGrad89 said...

How fortunate you were to have caught that shot. I see things all the time that I would love to take a picture. I always have my camera, but sometimes I just can't get close enough in time.

miruspeg said...

What a cute little critter.
He looks like he was up for a chat.
Lucky you having your camera on hand.

Caroline said...

Oh how cute! Isn't that fun... Great shot too!

Mommy2Twinkies-Deb said...

Cute critter, but cute poem! Love that you can do that! I just can't .

McMGrad89 said...

Ron and Chang's sounds good to me. I am just wondering how long I can wait until I go into the grocery store. The flight comes in at 12:30. Is 10:00 to late?

Monica said...

What a great photo op. Sometimes I see lovely hummingbirds on the back patio but can never get the camera out in time!