Saturday, June 20, 2009

Can You Guess Where I Am?

Don't you just love sun-filled days at the beach?

I think I've finally convinced my daughter that the best time to be on the beach is late in the afternoon. Shadows begin to stretch out a bit and a nice breeze blows in off the ocean.

I prefer sitting under an umbrella reading a book.... But I keep pulling out my camera to take another picture again and again and again...

and my absolute favorite time to be on the beach... is when the sky bursts with color. When the pinks and oranges splash across the sky and cast a golden glow on everything below.

Although the days don't match up exactly, this is kind of a special time for me. I began my blog last year at the beach and created my first scrapblog then, too. So, unofficially, this is my one-year blogoversary! How cool is that?


Monica said...

That iis so very cool. I'm glad you have a special activity to do with your daugher. Special.

McMGrad89 said...

Gorgeous photos, especially the jumping one and the final one. I also like your new blog header. I can't change mine until summer school is over. LOL

Enjoy your days.

Carrie said...

I am so jealous and happy for you at the same time! I hope you are having a fantastic time with your family. I do love the beach and time well spent reading a good book. Soak up these moments and take lots of pictures. Love the jump shot photo, my favorite! I know she will love that one day when jump like that is not as easy to do.

Octamom said...

Love, love, love the pictures--and like Annemarie, my fav is the one where she is jumping. Just beautiful! So glad you're having a ball!


Mummy McTavish said...

Great shots! I love late afternoon on the beach too!

Your sand is nothing like our sand... just in case you wanted to know.