Thursday, December 3, 2009

Name That Blog...

I'm a few days behind with blogging, but when I saw Relyn's post here, which referred to Beth's post here, I decided I just had to play along.

In their posts, both Relyn and Beth explained how they came up with the names for their blogs. My story's pretty simple....

I had wanted to start a blog, but like Relyn, was a little hesitant to jump into it until I had the perfect name. I knew that my blog would be a mix of writing and photography, and I wanted these words and images to capture the simple, every day moments that make up my life.

And, with that, I had my name: Moments in Time. And it's here where I place those words and images that capture those moments in time.

Now, I'm really curious.... How did you come up with your blog's name?


Silver said...

And 'Moments In Time' is just absolutely beautiful. It is perfect as the theme for all the lovely thoughts and pictures you share here.

How did mine come about? 'REFLECTIONS'. Pretty much speak for itself.. it was a look backwards.. That's when i started another blog, 'One Day At A Time With Silver' .. it's pretty much a daily forward thing. Somehow it seemed to turn into a FOOD BLOG and a blogger wrote in and say, it doesn't sound suitable and asked me to consider changing it. So i changed it to 'Tantalizing Treats'. Somehow, i had a feeling not everyone liked the change because i still notice the blog list and references made in Awards still used the earlier blog name.

Gosh..that sounds like a History lesson, doesn't it!?


charrette said...

I love it, and all that it captures. Good choice.

I was under the gun. I wanted to write a story and post a link on a friend's blog. I loved the idea of just wandering down a different path, Robert Frost style. My first choice was "Meanderings", but blogger said it was taken. So I thought for a minute about alternative ways to say that, and came up with "Divergent Pathways". (And that has made all the difference.) :)

McMGrad89 said...

I am pretty sure I wrote about this sometime this year, but basically, it is a nod to the fact that people tease me for saying whatever is in my head at the exact moment I am thinking often without censor. I even call my brother and mother to tell them the random thoughts as they occur. The phone conversations always begin with "SO, I WAS..." thus the blog, "So I was Just Thinking."

Thanks for asking.

Gigi said...

Your blog's name is just perfect. Capturing those moments is such a gift to ourselves and to others, isn't it?

My own blog, The Magpie's Fancy, grew out of my passion for collecting things, ideas, and, I suppose, moments! I feel a connection to magpies and crows and other birds that collect sparkly bits. I've always thought of myself as a magpie, scouring flea markets and used books stores for treasures, and so the name just seemed right for my blog! I actually wrote about this on my very first blog post, which, when I go back to look at it, seems like it comes from the long lost past, even though I just wrote it last winter!

Thanks for your inspiring post! xoxo

Silver said...

you are a darling!


miruspeg said...

Roban your blog name is perfect!
A very creative name.

Mine on the other hand - Middle Aged Ramblings - not a great deal of thought was put into the title.
I just wanted to start a blog and join in the fun that my friends were having.
So I thought I am middle aged and I ramble a lot!!!!!

Ron said...

I am, obviously, further behind than you. I, too, like the name of your blog. I often think of events in out lives as snapshots, telling part of a much larger story, yet pulled out on their own. Sometimes they need interpretation and others times, not.

My blog name (Troubled Ramblings) comes from my old screen name on AOL (Handful0Trouble) and the fact that I tend at times to ramble on .. hence, Troubled Ramblings.

Relyn said...

I like this story. And I like that we both put so much thought into the process. Thank you for sharing about it.