Sunday, December 4, 2011

It Was a "Wendy" Kind of Day!

We usually never know "why" things happen the way they do. We make plans. We put our heart and soul into whatever it is we're planning. Then things happen. Things that are out of our control. You know the saying... "stuff happens."

A couple of years ago, I made plans to visit four of my blog friends. But it didn't happen. My plane was delayed and delayed some more. So much more, in fact, that finally, at 1:30 the next morning, my flight was officially cancelled. I gathered my things and went right back home.

New plans were gradually made. Peggy is making plans to visit me during the summer of 2012. Now, Annemarie is coming with her! And today, TODAY, I met Wendy! My birthday soul sister. In my state.

And I was late picking her up.

There's something about those best laid plans that, uh, somehow go awry.

The clock and calendar in my head were not in-sync with my plans. It's happened twice this week. Thinking I was supposed to be somewhere at a particular time, only to show up late.

But aside from the unexpected people-watching Wendy got to do, we were able to meet, and have lunch, and view the city while we chatted, and chatted, and got to know each other.

What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than with a new, old friend. Somehow, seeing her in person made up for my cancelled trip from two years ago. Well, almost. I still think they had a wonderful time, and I missed all that.

Before I go, I have to tell you that Wendy is an amazing woman, an inspiration who is following her dream. Last night, I made this mixed-media piece for her because she had the courage to follow her dream. Maybe, one day, I will too.


McMGrad89 said...

I am so glad the two of you finally got to meet in person. When we meet next summer, everything will be complete.

I love the painting you made for her. You are such a talented woman.

Color me jealous.


Roban said...

Oh, Annemarie, you say the best things! My girl was a little ornery to create, but she finally came around. It probably takes a little stubbornness to follow dreams anyway!

But you can't talk when it comes to talent! You are quite the creative one yourself. AND, you're on the masthead of an art magazine. Now that's something to be proud of!

It was so good to see Wendy! I can't wait for our summer get-together. It will be here before we know it!

miruspeg said...

Love the title of this made me smile and so did the photo.

How delightful that the twin soul sisters finally met. I can imagine how enjoyable it would have been as you are BOTH amazing, inspiring women.

Wendy is following her dream and YOU are making an incredible difference in the lives of your students my dear friend.

Here is a quote I found that made me think of you:

"Once children learn how to learn, nothing is going to narrow their mind. The essence of teaching is to make learning contagious, to have one idea spark another."
-- Marva Collins

OH and your mixed-media piece is outstanding!!

Warmest heart hugs
Peggy xxxxxx

Jamie said...

Best title for a post EVER - hands down!!! So clever!!

Relyn said...

Isn't it wonderful when things work out as they should. I do LOVE that art!