Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Yes, Christmas is Over, however...

I couldn't resist posting one more photo (make that four, I guess) before I officially put the trappings of Christmas away until next year. Each year as I place ornaments on the tree I think of where they came from. I have many dating back to my early 20s when I put up my very first tree in a garage apartment in my mom's backyard. I inherited some of her ornaments and have others that have been given to me or made for me by family and friends. For instance, the ornament in the top photo came from a Christmas party with neighborhood moms who used to get together and celebrate birthdays and Christmas. The Santa in the middle is a skydiving Santa. My sister gave me that one. And on the bottom is one of my favorites. A handmade creation by Hannah. Ornaments tied to memories make decorating for Christmas that much merrier.

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