Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Telephoto Tuesday

If it's antique or vintage or just plain old, I usually have a place for it in my heart and sometimes in my home. Like the quilts I bought when I first got married. Old and tattered but still useable. Their softness created from years of use. Old typewriters and their ribbon tins. A Victrola. Handbags and hats. Jewelry. Aprons.

But on Saturday something else found its way into my heart. And home. This old Ball mason jar with a zinc lid and practically brimming over with colorful bobbins of thread. Blue, green, and purple. Perfectly me. So I bought it and carried it home.

And unwrapped it. And gave it its own little photoshoot.

My bobbin jar wasn't the only thing that caught my eye although I did practice restraint when it came to buying anything else. There was a Royal typewriter, which was royally priced at about $170.00. Rolling pins (yep, I have a few of those, too), and photographs that I may go back for.

It was fun poking around old things again. So, how did you spend your Saturday?


Kelly said...

I'd love to go antiquing with you! I can't wait for the antique faire we have once a month. beautiful find Roban.

Emily Sovich said...

Beautiful find! I love your bobbin jar, and oh, how those typewriters always catch my eye. I wish they weren't so expensive!

Lisa Gordon said...

What a find this was, Roban!
I would love to find an old typewriter, but I have not been able to find one for anything less than about $200, which is more than I want to spend.

This weekend was rainy and gloomy here in NY, so not too much time outside. Typical fall weather.

Have a wondeful day.

amber said...

What an amazing find!! It is so perfect for photography & decorating. I love when I stumble across something special like that, it feels like a gift. Thank-you so much for the kind words on my blog (much appreciated!).

Anonymous said...

This is awesome! Would love this in my home!! My Saturday.... was really awesome and a bit stressful - I to have a 16 year old in the home - one that is pushing the limits to the extreme - sigh...... Wishing you a wonderful Thursday!!

Relyn Lawson said...

These are gorgeous images. You've set me to dreaming. I think I'll photograph my Mom's button collection. How cool will that be?