Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Some years, I've watched people scurrying around and questioned where our hearts were during the Christmas season. We seem so intent on shopping and buying and giving and receiving that it seems the true meaning is lost amidst wrapping paper, ribbons, and the empty boxes left behind. This year was different. Although I know the scurrying and buying were as rampant as ever, I didn't feel as cynical and actually enjoyed being a part of the crowd.
Today, on Christmas morning, I loved seeing the surprised looks on my daughter's and husband's faces when they opened their gifts. But even with the wrapping paper piling high, my thoughts drifted back to last night's candlight service at church. There, where faces were bathed in a soft, golden light, the sounds of guitar, violin, and piano filled the air and our voices sang pure ... and I felt peace, love, and happiness envelope me.

Feelings of happiness aren't guaranteed 365 days a year, and for some, today may be in contrast to the traditional "picture" of the holiday season. The loss of loved ones, relocating and uprooting your family from beloved family and friends, may make this Christmas bittersweet.

But it is my hope that on this special day your heart will be a bit lighter. Merry Christmas....



miruspeg said...

My wish for you this Christmas Roban is may you enjoy many many days and nights of peace, love and happiness in 2013.

Let that peaceful easy feeling flow through your veins when tough times appear.

Big heart hugs.
Peggy ♥♥♥

Kelly said...

You have such a wonder spirit. I hope we can meet someday...btw...your photos were sent off 12-24!

Cinner said...

Hi Roban, beautifully said. I am glad you enjoyed yourself, you have a great heart Roban, you are light to us. merry Christmas and all the best in the New Year.