Friday, December 21, 2012

Finally, that feeling...

Even though I've been on Christmas break all week, it wasn't until Wednesday morning that I truly felt the feeling that I had been waiting for. That moment of total contentment as I walked into the kitchen and began to wrap presents. That moment when our home is decorated, the Christmas tree lights are twinkling, and I am home doing those Christmas-y things that I want to do.

Bliss. That's the best way I can describe it. And the nice thing is that it stopped me, at that very moment, so I could recognize it for what it was.

My mother-in-law and I went on another little excursion earlier in the week. I found this Christmas banner made out of chipboard. I had planned to use it over the fireplace, but this spot worked out better.

Before we can continue with Christmas, there's always a special birthday to celebrate...

My sweetheart of a daughter turns 17 today. Yikes!! She was just a toddler it seems a few days ago!

She had a few close friends over to help her celebrate. I enjoyed making a few appetizers and dinner for the girls. It was so sweet to hear them talk and laugh together.

P.S. Happy birthday, sweet girl! You're still my little Peanut.


Lisa Gordon said...

So glad you "caught" the Christmas spirit, Roban, and your house looks absolutely beautiful.

You have a December "baby!!" Truly the best Christmas gift of all. She is a beautiful young lady.

I am so glad to have met you this year, and I wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas.


miruspeg said...

What a delightful post Roban!
I can feel your happiness and contentment all the way across the ocean.
You have decorated your home beautifully for Christmas. Love the photos of your gorgeous daughter too. Give her a big hug from me please.

Hope the blissful feeling lingers for a long time.

Deep love, respect and gratitude for our friendship.
Peggy ♥♥♥

Kelly said...

fun n post Roban...and CELEBRATE dish....swoon....