Tuesday, December 24, 2013

I love the idea of wrapping presents in unique ways, of decorating them with beautiful bows and embellishments. This year, I was lucky to get them wrapped, period. The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas was short and seemed even shorter.

Anywho, I was wrapping presents this week and scribbling names directly on the paper using a big, fat, silver Sharpie. Then, it hit me. What if I could make labels from my art work? I scanned through my photos, trying this one and then that, until I settled on my newsprint angel girl. 

I opened PicMonkey and clicked on the create a collage tab. I uploaded my girl, chose the two photo collage, and placed PicMonkey 'paper' on the right side. Then I clicked on 'edit' to add the snowflake embellishments and the text. It was super easy, and I love how they look when printed.

It's Christmas Eve. I'm playing around a bit because my daughter has been in bed with the flu. It's been quiet around here with her cooped up sick. I'm hoping she'll get up for a while and open her one Christmas Eve gift and maybe watch a Christmas movie with me. She's feeling better, which is a big relief, but she's just not back to normal yet.

I know not everyone enjoys the holiday, but I hope you can experience serenity and peace as well as fun, love, and laughter.

Merry Christmas!


Rakesh Singh said...

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Thanks for information...
Tender Dekho

Kelly said...

Well your little girl makes for a great label!! Glad Hannah is feeling better. Merry Christmas my friend.

miruspeg said...

WOW your creative juices are really flowing Roban! You are quite the computer whiz.
Thanks for the lesson my friend.
Hope Hannah fully recovers soon.
Much love
Peggy xxxx

Caroline said...

Oh my goodness! Those labels are beautiful! Sorry your daughter was sick…I hope she feels better. ANd I do hope you had a beautiful Christmas! xo