Saturday, December 21, 2013

I'm sitting in my studio office kind of hiding out. Hannah wanted to have a party for her 18th birthday.... Not a huge one, just a few friends and then some. I really have no idea who will show up; you know how word-of-mouth can make news of a party travel faster than you can say social media. But I'm thinking the turn-out will be okay because, face it, her parents are home.

Every party that teenagers her age have these days seem to take place in the absence of their parents. Hannah doesn't go to too many of them and has even driven up, parked, and after hearing from a friend came back home after hearing about the 'fun' they were having.

Funny girl, Hannah. She definitely takes after her dad's side of the family with her socializing. She enjoys her friends immensely. But at the same time, she takes after me a bit. She enjoys her friends in small numbers. She's already figured out that big parties don't always equate to big fun. 

So, anyway, here I sit on the night of her birth hidden away so-to-speak in my space. I have three hours to go until her official 'birthtime.' When she was little I would tell her all about the day she was born. We would read the diary entries I made during my pregnancy. For several years now, she's had friends over for the night, so the birth story hasn't been retold in a while. Maybe tomorrow night when we're settled in for the night. Yeah. That sounds like something worth doing again.

... in the time it's taken to create the collage, I've begun to hear chatter and laughter on the back deck. I think I'll go downstairs now.... :)

Happy 18th birthday to my girl! I hope this year brings much joy to your life.



Kelly said...

Hannah and Austin are only 5 months apart and 18 is such a milestone. I cried-but then again-I can cry at anything really. It sounds as though you and your husband have done an amazing job raising your daughter. Love to you Roban.

Kelly said...

By the way-Hannah is gorgeous!!

Roban said...
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Roban said...

Thank you! She's pretty sweet, too! And I think my spelling is off in other reply... crier

Roban said...

Kelly, I'm a cryer, too! Turning 18 is a milestone, but they're still our babies, right? It is a bittersweet time as we cheer their accomplishments and maturity yet hold on to them and their childhood. I will be a basket case by the end of the school year!

miruspeg said...

What a lovely collage of your beautiful child.
I am sure the party was a very happy one for Hannah. It is wonderful that she feels close to her family and wants to share her celebrations with both you and Craig.

Please give Hannah a big belated hug from me for her birthday.

Lots of love
Peggy ♥♥♥

Roban said...

Thank you, Peggy, I will definitely let Hannah know that you've wished her a happy birthday. I have to admit though that she liked it best when we were in another room! I did get to serve cake to them and take a few pictures though.