Thursday, February 13, 2014

It's Quiet Here

There's a light snow falling, and I'm one of the lucky ones to still have power. Ice has accumulated here in the South causing power lines to snap and tree branches to fall. We were supposed to report to work at 11 this morning, but due to the power outages, we have another snow day. So I sit here and listen to the calls of birds, the whistle of a train, and the chatter of my daughter as she gets ready for school. (Her school decided to open today).

I'm determined to make good use of this extra day at home. I'm going to straighten up my studio office, maybe work out at the gym, and cook a minestrone. I have an order to package and get mailed today and maybe, just maybe, a book to read. 

I could get used to this.


Lisa Gordon said...

We did not get ice, but we did get (and are still getting) a "whole lotta" snow. It's pretty though. :-)
It sounds like you enjoyed your snow day!
Have a great weekend, and Happy Valentine's Day!

T said...

The whistle of a distant train is one of my favorite simplistic sounds. Hauntingly beautiful.

You made it to the gym, yes? Good job!

miruspeg said...

I love days like these Roban where the day plans itself and we go along for the ride.
Maybe I will and maybe I won't.....

Thanks for the reminder about reading a book.....I have been so slack and missing out a great experience.

Hugs as always
Peggy xxxxx

Kelly Kardos said...

That's gonna be me in one more school year! I can wait for retirement!! Gorgeous shot.

Caroline said...

Quiet is lovely...and I am glad you had power! I hope you made the most of your snow day! I love those days...even if I do nothing at all!