Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Snow Lovely....

I was seeing gray like never before. A gray sky met by gray trees anchored in gray earth. I had decided that winter in the South was not a pretty thing. Barren branches had lost their color giving my world a rather dreary look while friends up north had been posting photos of deep snow, swirling snowflakes, and colorful knits. 

And then it hit. The snowfall that tied up traffic in Atlanta and Birmingham - that had been forecast for us but appeared to be moving away leaving all manner of chaos in its wake - finally reached us. A steady snowfall throughout the night left our landscape bedazzled and bejeweled and beckoned us to come outdoors to see our world in a new light. 

Somehow that white snow transformed the dinginess into a magical landscape. I was reminded of Narnia and the 'spare oom.' I imagined the White Witch with her icy headdress rounding the bend in front of us. 

I really do love how the woods look in snow.
In fact, everything was picture perfect.

It's gone now. This snow.
We've experienced 
within one week
freezing temperatures
and temperatures bumping
up against 70.

But at least we got to see it.
And for a little while
the landscape
was transformed.


Kelly Kardos said...

Your writing gives me chills....and the good kind. Your daughter looks like an angel in snow!

Roban said...

Thank you, Kelly!

Lisa Gordon said...

If it's going to be winter, I have to have snow!
And so I was thrilled with the 25 inches we got yesterday! Pretty sore from shoveling though. :-)
Everything is so pretty though.

These photographs are really beautiful, Roban, especially the one of your daughter.