Saturday, May 3, 2014

Lots of Pomp Going on Here

It's graduation season *sniff*, so there's a lot of pomp going on here. We've already had an honor's day and a baccalaureate service. Only one left, and that would be the biggie -- graduation.

I'm not sure when these years got away from me, but they did. Suddenly, we came face to face with the big 1-2. As in 12th grade. Graduation year. Oh, my! Don't get me wrong; I'm excited big time for my daughter to be reaching this milestone, but I just wish the years had slowed down a bit more (or perhaps I needed to slow down a bit more to savor it all a little more savor-ly).

I loved this shot of Hannah and her friends looking at a photo on a mom's phone.

And here she is with Abigail.

Now this guy spotted me aiming my camera at him, and I couldn't resist.

And then he smiled a big one....

Hannah doesn't like to be the center of my attention when I have my camera out. I'm hoping that at graduation, she'll be a little nicer about it. I want some of her like this one!

We're in the final countdown. Just two weeks until the final hurrah. 


Daniel LaFrance said...

One day she'll look back and say something along the lines of... "Thanks Mom for being there and capturing those special moments."

miruspeg said...

They are such delightful, happy photos Roban.

You are blessed my friend and rightly so. You and Craig have raised a beautiful, intelligent, sensitive daughter.
And these moments in time will be preserved forever.

Blogging still rules!

Be well dear friend.
Peggy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Lisa Gordon said...

These are so wonderfully happy images, Roban.
She is a beautiful young lady.

Kelly Kardos said...

It bears repeating...Hannah is just so naturally beautiful....and that smile on that young man just makes me SO happy and smile my own smile! bring LOTS of tissue....that flood gates of memories will open watching Hannah receive her diploma xo

Jen said...

Wow! Congratulates to you both!

Caroline said...

Such wonderful and happy photos! Congrats to Hannah!!! xo

beth said...

such an exciting time for ALL of you….soak it all in…xo

McVal said...

Congrats!!! It's a huge milestone! Two of mine have gotten there, one by the skin of his teeth and online classes from home... The other with honors. Got one more about to start her freshman year at high school. What a great wealth of wonderful memories you must have of her schooling!
I wish they could stay 3 years old...