Monday, December 29, 2008

Birthday Traditions

My daughter and I have a tradition. Each year on the eve of her birthday, we pull out the small Peter Rabbit photo album that contains photographs from her first, real, "birth" day. We read every entry in my pregnancy journal and relive what was in my heart during those pre-birth days. We read all of the journaling I created on her First Year Calendar, laughing over the cute little things she said and did. Discussing the first words she spoke, how she would put her elbow on my shoulder as I carried her through the house, how she waved "bye-bye" backwards. She marvels at the love I felt for this tiny baby not only after she was born but for those long months as I awaited her arrival.

Her birthday is mere days before Christmas, so it would be easy to let this tradition slip to the side during the hustle and bustle of the holidays. But we don't. It's too important to share those memories with her year after year. When we revisit her birth and those special months leading up to her first, real "birth" day, she knows how deep my love is for her. She knows how important she was to me then and how important she is now thirteen years later.

So, happy December birthday, Peanut! You are an amazing and precious child of God. I love you!




Gill said...

o this with my girls 15 and 28 Oct! And my oldest was 13 this year too! Hope peanut had a wonderful Birthday. Wtg you two for doing this together. It is such a precious thing.

Gill said...

some text missing - i do this with my girls too....(read above!!)

Jen said...

That is such a sweet tradition. We don't do that, but it is such a good idea. I almost never get the kids baby books out to look at with them...but what a fun way to remember that first year.

miruspeg said...

What a wonderful tradition Roban.
I hope alot of people read this post as it is such a special way to share memories.
'Peanut' looks like a princess in that photo!

Have a great day and have a great year!

Kaci said...

That is awesome!! I may have to steal that idea! => Thanks for stopping by my blog! XOXO

avtcoach said...

She is beautiful and from your photo looks so much like you! What a nice way to celebrate with her! The years do go fast, I am glad you are enjoying each day!
I do love that scrapblog tutorial. I learned a few new things that are going to make a difference as I try to scrapblog more in 2009!
Thanks for being such a great blog sister!

avtcoach said...

You are in my post for tomorrow! Thank you for the friendship!

McMGrad89 said...

Roban, of all things to happen, my big computer has contracted a virus and during the antivirus program locked up and now I can't get into it. I am writing you on my school laptop on a hijacked signal so it is too slow to load anything. I managed to get to this page by the grace of the computer genie, but I haven't read this yet. Thanks for the kind comments about our visit. It would be wonderful if it were true. Maybe someday. I can't wait until I can get my computer fixed. I will get back to this post when I do.