Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Christmas Tree of Memories

Christmas is definitely a favorite time of year for me. And while I am busy trying to create memories for my daughter, I can't let a day go by without thinking about my mother and how much she enjoyed this holiday.

Decorating was her forte. Her Christmas trees were so bedecked and bejeweled with ornaments and lights you could barely see the tree. I take after her in that regard. I like to wrap lights deep within the branches before I ever let them twinkle near the ends of the branches. I place the shiny ornaments also deep within the tree where they can shimmer and reflect the lights. I cluster groups of ornaments together... many of which came from my mother's attic when she decided to downsize many years ago.

I also have ornaments from trips Craig and I took together after we were married. London bobbies and a jeweled crown are just a couple of examples. Craig's mother also gave me some of Craig's old ornaments. A knitted skiier and tennis player are tucked amidst the branches... a steady reminder of my husband's childhood and the memories created by his family.

Some of my favorite ornaments are probably the ones with photographs. There's one of Craig when he was just a boy. There's one of Hannah and me during our last big snow, and there's one of us with Hannah when she was little.

And of course there are the handmade ornaments, which hold the highest place of honor on my tree. Crocheted wreaths made by my mother, a candy cane made by a friend's child, but most made by the precious little hands of my daughter. The spoon snowman, the snowflakes, the stars, and handprint are reminders of her childhood and how proud she was of these beautiful creations.

Christmas is definitely a time of memories and reflections. I hope you have time to reflect on Christmases past as you build memories for tomorrow!

P.S. Can you figure out who I am in the group photo?


Mommy2Twinkies-Deb said...

Roban, you've just inspired me to take a couple of close-ups of my favorite ornaments. I still don't have any of my Mom's (she's going to give her elf to my sis for her Elf on the shelf...) I am also busy making traditions for my family. We gather ornaments where ever we go. (There is a nice shop in Destin...) Thank you for the inspiration. I love your photos and your memory.

Caroline said...

Wonderful tree and ornamants! I hope you have a magnificant Christmas, filled with wonderful moments! Many Blessings to you!

letti said...

Roban, merry christmas! With junior on his way, I guess I'm getting more and more maternal and "familial"... all those home made ornaments makes me want to start our own family tradition when junior gets here! Can't wait! :)

Jen said...

What a beautiful post and a beautiful tree! I loved the closeups of some of the ornaments! I hope you and your family have a wonderful day - Merry Christmas!

miruspeg said...

Lovely photos Roban especially the one of your mother and sisters.
Now, I have been trying to work out which one is you!
Very difficult, but I have chosen the dark haired girl on the right.

Hope you built some more beautiful memories this Christmas and reflected on the older ones.

All the best my bloggy friend.

miruspeg said...

Hey Roban did I guess correctly who you were????

miruspeg said...

Now I have a fifty fifty chance and I will probably blow it!
Really I don't have a clue. Traci's dark hair should have told me it wasn't you.....but no I dismissed that vital clue!

Heads or tails......I'm going for the middle girl.

Have a great day.

miruspeg said...

I've changed my mind.
I think you are the girl on the left with the longest hair.

I'd be hopeless picking a person out of a line up!!!