Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Paparazzi Moment

I felt just like the paparazzi. With camera in hand, I would peek through the window, hoping to get just the right shot. Some of the pictures were taken through the wooden slats of the blinds. At other times, I nudged the door open and swiftly sprang forward hoping to capture exactly what I was looking for. But to no avail. The shot just wasn't there.

My eyes were seeing, perhaps envisioning, the perfect shot. The way the light played over intertwined limbs. The soft, almost imperceptible glow that lingered even though the rain was falling softly all around. But I couldn't quite capture it.

Finally, the soft mist cleared away and I knew (I knew) the shot was mine! A shot that would fill the front pages of tabloids, er computer screens, from one side of the globe to the other.

... well, at least in my blogosphere.

And, here it is...

A shot that I was intent on capturing... See how the light played on intertwined limbs? How that imperceptible glow was shining through?

I think I was trying to be Octamom. I wanted my camera to catch what my eyes were seeing. Right then. Right there. On the rainy days of Thanksgiving, the leaves on these trees had such a beautiful glow on and through them that I was determined (determined) to capture it on film. I knew Octamom could do it. But my camera kept failing me! I tried natural light, forced flash, automatic flash. I played with the f-stop (I think), but I still couldn't capture what I was seeing.

So, I had to wait. And finally, when the sun was shining just a bit brighter, I stepped onto my porch, one more time, to try to capture the beauty that God brings to us each and every day. And I felt like I had finally caught it. A photograph days in the making was finally mine. At least... almost. I still don't think I totally, totally, caught the beauty I had been stalking. But, it's close.


Jen said...

I think your persistence paid off - that is a great shot!

miruspeg said...

Roban your writing is as visual as the picture is beautiful.

I was there with you, camera in hand, taking shot after shot.

I adore the way you write, it feels me with warmth and happiness.

Take care flygirl!

Anonymous said...

Hi Roban.....this picture is gorgeous. It looks like a picture perfect day. That tree is absolutely gorgeous and I love the picket fence. Such a beautiful view :)

p.s. About two weeks ago you left a comment on my blog and I wanted to thank you for it. Sorry for taking so long......just alot going on. Thanks bunches. It is so appreciated :)

avtcoach said...

It is a beautiful shot and speaks volumes for patience and waiting. I like it that you waited until it was more like your eyes were seeing it. It does mean so much more to those who get to see it not because the picture is better but because we can share it with you! Very wonderfully written post!

Monica said...

Your shot is beautiful, as is your yard. What a lovely place! Well written my paparazzi friend.

Octamom said...

You got it! It's beautiful!!! And I love the tale of what it took to get this photograph, even if your assumptions about that crazy mom of eight's abilities were waaayyyy overstated (and extremely sweet!)

Caroline said...

This is a beautiful shot! I love the colors of the leaves. It's so hard to capture the "perfect" picture...but I think you did it :)

McMGrad89 said...

Well, you did a great job as an "fall stalker."

I love the way you described your waiting for the right moment. I have had those days to. Then there are the days when I go to my daughter's concert and forget the camera all together. :-)

Great post.

Mommy2Twinkies-Deb said...

I just realized that I never commented on this, but really enjoyed it! So sorry!

I got your comment about the cookies, and I should've put my notes about them too. For the peanut butter hershey's kiss ones: absolutely amateur proof, but makes about 36, not 48. For the candy cane ones, they are fun, you have to play around with the rolling the two colors a bit, but it works once you get the feel... also, I'd make 20-24 instead of 12. You can also add peppermint extract (1/2 tsp) for a minty flavor. I didn't do that for the little ones.

I also was thinking that we should try to meet someday. We're so close!