Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fall Beauty

Today began like many of my Saturdays. I stretched my arms over my head after I woke up, relishing the comfort of my warm bed. After a chat with my sister, I moved into the living room and settled into a chair by the fireplace to read the newspaper. Then, I did what I inevitably do... I pulled out a batch of papers and began to grade.

A little while later, that girl of mine asked if I would go outside with her. Not really in the mood for a walk in the woods, I took her up on her offer anyway. We made our way over broken logs and pushed past some of the last bits of fall foliage, stopping every now and then to take pictures.

It didn't take me long at all to enjoy the moment. The sky enveloped us in a deep blue; trees towered over us casting dappled rays of sunlight across our path. We climbed up hills and remembered days long past when the woods were a wild playground for a little girl and her mom.

It was a beautiful fall day.... A beautiful moment with a beautiful girl.


miruspeg said...

Roban your "girl" is beautiful in body and spirit!
Isn't it wonderful when are encouraged to go for a walk we don't really want to go on and come back elated.
I love your descriptive writing, you paint a beautiful picture with your words and collage.
Keeping shine dear friend.
Big hugs
Peggy xxxx

McMGrad89 said...

Awww. Did we guilt you into writing?? LOL If so, I am glad we did.

Your writing is marvelous. You paint such a vivid picture of your morning. Your photos are just beautiful. I love the golden glow!

Good to hear from you,

beth said...

how beautiful is !

charrette said...

There is almost nohting I love more than a walk in the woods. Especially on a beautiful day. And such fun photos to remember it by!

Candace said...

I love these pictures and your post! You take such amazing pictures and Hannah is so beautiful! I hope Laurel and I are still playing in the woods when she is a teenager. :)

Silver said...

I am so happy to see you posting today!

She's so pretty!


NatureStop said...

Greetings from Oman!
Must say your daughter is very pretty.Great post and lovely images...

So long will be back soon.


Relyn said...

She is SUCH a beauty. SUCH a beauty!