Thursday, November 18, 2010

Jumping for Joy....

Do you have any idea
how excited I am to have
Thanksgiving break next week?

Let's just say

that I am


for joy!


miruspeg said...

Woohoo!! Yippee!! Hooray!!

I am terrifically happy for you Roban. And what a fantastic photo!

I discovered another word yesterday.....Uber.

(Uber originates from the German language. It means Above all... The best... Top of the line... Super, over the top.)

So happy Uber day today and for your Thanksgiving Break.

Big hugs
Peggy xxxx

McMGrad89 said...

That IS a great shot, Roban. I would have loved to have seen you jumping for joy like that, though.

I feel the same way. I wish we had Monday and Tuesday off too, but no such luck. I suppose I should be happy I have three days off as there are people who only have Thursday off, I am sure.

Enjoy your break.

Silver said...