Sunday, May 20, 2012

I'm Dreamin'

of a trip to the beach, with ocean waves crashing onto the shore
of lazy summer mornings and weekends that do not require
essay-grading marathons and lesson planning
of creating and sharing
of spending time with my daughter
before she grows up and leaves the nest

What about you? What are you dreaming about today?


Daniel LaFrance said...

Wonderful words and pics. I'm thinking about the sea and missing it too.

Want to find out why... visit my last blog entry. lol


Relyn said...

I am dreaming of and making plans for a summer with my daughter. Lots of fun, lots of swimming, lots of morning snuggling. There will only be one ten year old summer. I plan to enjoy every minute of it.

beth said...

the same thing....especially since we just got back from the beach....i want a bit more :)

Relyn said...

Hello friend. I hope your summer is going well.