Friday, July 27, 2012

Color My World

When I'm on vacation, I love looking at the taupes and whites of the sand and the blues and greens of the ocean. Just a few weeks ago, I fell in love with a shade of blue that would show itself in the jumble of breaking waves and froth. I even pointed it out to my husband (who politely acted like he knew exactly what area of blue I was talking about).

I figured it would be just about impossible to stand in a paint store and select the right color from memory, so I kind of stood there in an attempt to memorize it. And then, today as a matter of fact, I found this (drum beat please)....

The ColorSnap app from Sherwin-Williams ...!

As you can see, I've already been trying it out and was able to match my ocean colors to Sherwin-Williams paint colors.

See that little picture of the ocean on my Jamaica page? To find my color, I just ran my finger along those ocean waves until I touched the shade I was looking for. Then a little menu popped up that let me "view color details and save." That's how I know that THE color I love so much is Tranquil Aqua and that Refuge is the other color I liked in the ocean.

With names like those, no wonder I liked them!
As you can see, the waters in the Gulf weren't quite as blue (although still beautiful).... But the airport definitely has some blue in it - Leisure Blue to be exact.

I'm so glad to finally have names for these beautiful colors! And when I get ready to paint again, this little app will come in real handy. Plus, it's fun, which is really why I like it so much. And it keeps me from doing other things around the house, like laundry and school work.

The app's also available for Android and Blackberry. Go play. Have fun. Paint a room if you feel like it. And if you already knew about this cool app, shame on you for not telling me!


Daniel LaFrance said...

Colours evoke emotion. I'm happy you found yours!

Kelly said...

How completely fabulous!!!!