Wednesday, July 18, 2012

They left when I wasn't looking

The baby birds that were in this nest...

finally hatched ...

and ate a bunch ...
and flew away. Luckily, just in time,
since we desperately needed to close the garage.

I really wanted to get closer for my pictures,
but every time I did, the mama bird flew away,
and I just knew that I was stressing her out.
So I stayed away as best I could.

I was amazed at how and where she built her nest.
Right in the middle of a silk flower arrangement
that I had relegated to a shelf in the garage.

Oh, and she took bird seed out of the bird seed bag
and put it in another flower pot that was close to the nest.
I guess there were some days that she just didn't want to go out for dinner.

1 comment:

beth said...

we have a mama robin that we're stressing out, too....but dang her for building her nest right above our front door.