Monday, July 9, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

I tell you, I've been going a little crazy taking pictures lately. Instagram has a lot to do with it, plus all the handy little editing apps on my phone make it so easy to be creative. This week Kelly Kardos at Just a Click Away told me about a photography scavenger hunt hosted this week by Sarah Halstead. I couldn't resist actually having a purpose to this madness, so here's what I came up with:


This is a HUGE flag that was hanging inside a building on July 4th. The flag itself took up several stories in the atrium. Beautiful reminder of our country and the freedoms we hold so dear.

View from Above

This river makes me smile. You can't imagine how many times I've driven over it and wished I had my camera with me or had time to stop to take a picture. I'm thinking I should get my own inner tube or raft and float down it like these two are doing. Nothing like a lazy Sunday on the river.


This picture turned out a little grainy, and I feel like I'm about to tip over just looking at it. But the mosaic really was beautiful. I took this at Flagler College in St. Augustine, Florida, last week.

Something Tiny

We were so worried about these little birdies last week that we had to leave our garage door open for a few days and nights, so the mama bird could get back in. They flew away during that time, too. I'm kind of missing them.


I am in love with sunflowers. This one is definitely vibrant, so I had to share it with you. I love that tiny drop of water in the middle. Do you see it?

I think the idea behind Scavenger Hunt is to find everything that week and post on Sunday. All of these were taken this week except the one of the baby birds, which I took last week. I tried to find some other "tiny" things to photograph, but I kept coming back to the babies.

Mary, at Little Red House is host to Mosaic Monday. I may not get around to visiting until the weekend. Until then, have an amazing week. I hope to.


eileeninmd said...

I love your mosaic, lovely photos. The sunflower is gorgeous and I love the baby birds. Thanks for sharing, have a great week ahead.

Kelly said...

How fun! Hand thanks for the shout out! IG is just way too much fun! These are wonderful. That flag is something to be reckoned with. I'd so join u in an inner tube on that river. And those sweet birds. U done good. See I on IG :-)

augcott said...

I just can't pick a favorite ... they are all awesome shots!!!!
Great interpretations......well done!

beth said...

why is it that i just can't fall in love with instagram ?
i use it every now and then, but almost always forget about it and have my big camera with me and take photos with that instead.

maybe i need to try harder ?

{oh, and thanks for all your wonderful comments and support}

Relyn said...

OH!! I love this idea and your results. Love it!