Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Telephoto Tuesday: They Can't Stand Still

these girls! Even here, in this picture, they're a bit blurry. These are some of the girls on my daughter's volleyball team. They've bonded so much this year. They've won some, and lost some, but overall have gotten stronger with each match.

Confession: A student took this photograph. I wish that I had. I'm thinking about getting the girls to let me take some fun photos of them. Hopefully, they will.


miruspeg said...

Your photo captures their excitement and bond with each other Roban.

Participating in team sports go way beyond the immediate exercise and camaraderie they provide.

Studies show that kids who compete in high school and college sports are better off years down the road; they have more education, higher employment rates, and a lower risk of obesity.

Peg xxxx

Lisa Gordon said...

I love this shot, Roban!

beth said...

{{{{{happy birthday}}}}}

Emily Sovich said...

This is a great shot! So full of joyfulness and life!

Daniel LaFrance said...

Wonderful photo and background info. Team sports offers the individual so many personal rewards and life skills.