Saturday, September 22, 2012


It's the weekend, again. Thankfully. I am so tired by the time Saturday rolls around that I feel like a limp dishcloth just laying around the house. There's school work to do, clothes to wash, and a house to take care of, but instead I sit here on the computer, saying hello, loading photos from my phone onto my computer, and wishing I had more energy.

I'm still searching for balance in my life. I need to exerise, to breathe fresh air, to enjoy the beautiful world around me, but I spend way too much time on work. I often wonder how other teachers do it. So if you teach, please share your secrets. A ten-hour work day isn't enough time for me to get everything done. And that, in itself, is a bit ridiculous I think.

Last weekend I tried to capture hummingbirds in flight but ended up with these instead. I was using my Canon but had a difficult time focusing on the bird in flight. I would focus on the bird feeder, instead, thinking that would be close enough, but the hummingbird was always out of focus. I may try again tomorrow.

It took a while for them to feel safe with me around. I pulled a chair up pretty close to the feeder and waited. They would flit past so fast, I could hear the beating of their wings easier than I could see them.

Happy Weekend!


Candace said...

I feel the same way by the time the weekend comes. Today I'm doing nothing but hanging out with my family and doing some laundry. Maybe tomorrow I'll have the energy to leave the house!

Daniel LaFrance said...

Your hummers look regal!

miruspeg said...

Teaching at the type of school as you do Roban means lots of extra unpaid hours have to be put in, so if you can dedicate one day of the weekend for your leisure that would be a great start.

How cool to sit in a chair near your feeder with your camera in hand and wait for the hummingbirds...I bet you weren't thinking of your chores or work then, just those beautiful elusive birds.

Balance will come one day.
Peggy ♥♥♥

Emily Sovich said...

I think your hummingbird shots turned out wonderfully!

Good luck getting everything done!

Lisa Gordon said...

What precious little ones they are, and how fortunate you were to be able to photograph them!