Tuesday, January 1, 2013


For the past few weeks, I've been open to having a word find me for 2013. The one word that kept sneaking in was "light." I'm not sure where that word will take me in 2013, but it has stuck by my side and won't shake loose.

I imagine all sorts of things when I think about "light." Like lightening my load, uncluttering my home and mind. Lightening my work load (amen to that one!). Being of a lighter spirit, unburdened from needless worries that take hold in my mind. Sometimes I think of myself as Eyeore, you know Pooh's friend that always has a rain cloud over his head. Thinking thoughts that weigh me down. Now, with "light" as my focus word for 2013, *poof* that rain cloud disappears on a light wind that just happened to be blowing by.

Light can also lead me to get in better physical shape. Lighten up a bit on those scales, I'm thinking. But I also want to be a light for other people. Not sure how or where or when or why, but I want to exude light, or at least a lightness of being during this new year.

Have you found a word to guide you in 2013? I'll admit that some years I've used my word better than in other years. Last year was renew, but to be honest, I didn't put the time or effort into honoring that word. If I did, I would probably be feeling a bit lighter today anyway.

But this year, I have a mentality that will take me wherever the light will lead.

I found a heart in the sky the other day. How cool is that?!
 By the way, thank you so much for visiting me here on my blog. Whether you leave a comment or not, I appreciate you being a part of my journey.


Caroline said...

What a beautiful word. And yes...it's been since 2009...wow. I love that! I wish you much love and of course light in 2013. Xoxo

miruspeg said...

What an inspiring word you have chosen Roban.
I love the way you described "light", I can feel the energy and boldness needed for it to take flight.

Keep shining your light my friend.
Peggy ♥♥♥

PS Yes that is a cool sky photo!

Jen said...

Love it

amber said...


I love your word! And the heart found in the sky is magical. I also wanted to thank-you for your kind and encouraging words on my blog. I really appreciate it!!

Here's to 2013 & light for you!

Kelly said...

I love that your word found you Roban!! Hear hear to ringing in the new year!! Xo

McMGrad89 said...

Happy New Year, Roban! I pray your year is full of light and lightness and light workloads, etc. My word for the year is FINISH. I have lots to Finish.

Relyn Lawson said...

I am still pondering my word. I love yours.

beth said...

i love your word and am working on mine....gosh, some years it's seems so tough to find and keep the right one...

anyhow, thanks for your photography questions...i will add them to my "list" for february UNLESS you need an answer sooner....let me know !!


Lisa Gordon said...

What a wonderful word for 2013, Roban, and I just love this image!
Happy Tuesday to you!

Candace said...

Light is such a fitting word for you! I still remember the first time I met you, outside the office at CRMS, and I thought then that you had a bright light inside you. I think everyone does, but yours is very visible.

I haven't had time to comment much now that I'm teaching middle school again (I'm sure you understand!) but I LOVE reading your blog.

Silvia Muntanyola Badia said...

Lovely heart in the sky and lovely done web page. Thanks for sharing! Greetings from Barcelona