Sunday, January 20, 2013


has a way of getting away from me. It seems like I blink and three or four days have gone by. Then it's mid-month and then, bam, it's time to turn a page of the calendar again. Commitments and appointments and meetings all seem to suck up the minutes of my life leaving me little left over. I am constantly tripping over the minutia that make up my days and seem to forget to find time to savor the joy.

Last week was tough. I had delayed having my students take a practice writing test because I didn't think they were ready. Plus, time, again, just kept slipping past. So Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights were long ones for me. Grading and commenting on students papers until past midnight each night. All of the practice papers were graded except for my gifted class. I'm tackling those in just a while and will have to drop them off at school early Tuesday morning before trekking across town to a leadership class. And that could have been a sleep-in-a-while morning....

I talked about being "light" on my last post, and this doesn't seem light at all. It seems kind of heavy and dreary, doesn't it. Perhaps this time next week will be different. No more essays to grade and we'll be dipping our toes into poetry. Now that should cure my ills.

Hmmm. I was ready to load a photograph from my computer, but it tells me to upload from my blog (why would I do that?), from Picasa, from Google+, or from a URL. What? Why can't I access photos on my computer any more? 

Update - Peggy from Middle Age Ramblings suggested I try a different Web browser to solve the photo problem. It worked! I installed Mozilla, and the link I needed appeared, so I could add photos again. Thanks, Peggy!

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miruspeg said...

Oh friend I wish I had a solution to your excessive workload.

My only suggestion is take regular breaks throughout the day and when working evenings. Even if you just take five minutes here and there to sit in silence or go outside and get some fresh air.

And of course reward yourself for all your hard work when you can by doing something you love....take photos, work on your mixed media can-do art.

Regarding the loading of photos from your computer, the problem is Internet Explorer and blogger trying to solve the problem. Google Chrome or Firefox work fine for uploading photos.

Take care and sending light your way.

Peggy ♥♥♥