Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Telephoto Tuesday

Even with this being a three-day weekend, it was crazy busy, and I stayed up late, again, to get things done. Well, maybe surfing education Web sites and updating my blog weren't exactly what I needed to be doing at 11:30 last night, but it was fun anyway. And I did find some great ideas on the Teaching Channel.

I also spent some time tonight uploading photos from my iPhone. I had more than 2,000 photos, and my memory was getting low depleted. That's when I noticed this one, which somehow managed to stay put in my phone until now.

I'm no food photographer, but I loved this big fat eggplant a coworker gave me, and I love this dish, so I thought they would look good together. I guess this is a throwback Telephoto Tuesday, though, since I posted this on Instagram back in the summer when the eggplant was still intact.

Happy Tuesday!


miruspeg said...

Happy Tuesday going on Wednesday Roban!
Wow I never realised an iPhone could retain 2,000 photos, I wonder what my smart phone's limit is?

Great composition of the eggplant and the dish, love the soft tones.

Peg xxxxx

Lisa Gordon said...

Love this photo, Roban, and it's a wonderful color combination.

Laura said...

wow... an absolutely gorgeous image!!! The colors, the composition... magnificent!

Daniel LaFrance said...

I agree with Lisa. The colours are magical!

Kelly said...

2000? Lol. This is a good one.

amber said...

What a beautiful photograph. You could enter the photograph into a contest and it would win, just so many things that are great about it!