Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Brave and Strong

I'm sitting here nearly three weeks into the school year reliving a bit of my summer break. With school back in session, it's no surprise that playing with my camera gets put on the back burner. (I know it shouldn't, but there IS only so much time in one day.)

These photos were taken during our trip to Michigan. (Yes, the same trip that the last several posts of pictures came from!) I'm just wondering though what it is about lighthouses that captures our attention and makes us point our cameras toward them. They just seem so brave and stalwart holding their own against the forces of nature, lighting the way to safety for sailors young and old.

I loved this one just off Mackinac Island. It looks much more like a house to me. Wouldn't it be neat to stay in one overnight or even live in one full time?

And the white one below is in Frankfort. The pier takes you right to it. It was a little spooky walking out there at night. There are no rails along the edge, so it seemed like it would be so easy to fall right over.

 Some people actually jump off the edge though. It looked fun, but I decided not to risk life or limb for a t-shirt that says 'I cleared the pier.' There were lots of big rocks below and a metal ladder to climb up afterward. 

So how are things going with you? Have you or your family jumped right back into the school year, or do you still have a few weeks before big yellow starts to roll?


Kelly said...

You and I have so many things alike. I'd go on a lighthouse tour if one was ever offered! They are mysterious and magical for sure. I live seeing your photos of Michigan. We're right behind you as far as school goes. It's work to want To bring the camera out when school starts-like anything-it takes a conscious effort.

Kelly said...

P.S. these are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Ooo I'm going to have to check out these lighthouses. I grew up in upstate NY, just down the road from a beautiful lighthouse and have since been fascinated with them. I agree, it would be quite lovely to live in one. The lighthouse I grew up near let people stay in it.

My husband and I are working towards living in an RV full-time and traveling the country, and so I'm surely adding Mackinac Island and Frankfort to my must-see. Thanks for sharing!

Daniel LaFrance said...


Lighthouses are maritime treasures. In Canada our government have shut many down. Many are now automated, although I don't know how many if any are occupied/lived in.