Thursday, August 8, 2013

It's About Time

You can thank me later. I just deleted a whole post about how I'm not (NOT) going to work ten and a half hour days any more. Of course it took many words and sentences to get my point across, but I finally decided that a sentence or two would be quite enough.

These are a few more photos from my trip to Michigan this summer. I just loved the flowers blooming everywhere and those glass bottles in the window. Even those flowers that had hit their peak and were fading were beautiful to me.

For us, the calendar and temperature may still be in summer mode, but we're back in school already. This summer break had to be the shortest one ever. I could have used a few more weeks (or even a few more days) of down time. I'm already feeling a little bit like that droopy sunflower.


Kelly said...

I get all wiggy going back to school...just like a kid! Summers are way too short...i go back the 12. love these Roban

beth said...

wait.....i want to read about not working 10.5 hour days...and all the words that went with it :)

i'm weird like that....xo