Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I love autumn months.
I love the slight chill in the air,
the smell of burning wood
and the sight of golden leaves 
littering the ground.
I love long sleeve t-shirts
made of soft cotton
and socks and real shoes.
Not those flipflops
that scream of

I love hot chocolate
with mini marshmallows
floating on top
and sweet potato casserole
with its marshmallow topping darkened
by the warmth of the oven.

I love hearing the crunch of leaves
as I walk through the woods
and seeing how they swirl and dance
in the breeze as they
pirouette to the earth.
there are leaves
with kamikazi attitudes.
Darting toward
my windshield
with reckless abandon.

I love early nightfall
and how it practically demands
that I settle in early for the night.
With lights shining through windows
and dogs curled up at my feet.
 Food baking in the oven
steam rising off the river.

Colorful world
at my fingertips


Caroline said...

Oh how this makes me love fall even more. Especially the nights...beckoning me to stay inside and snuggle up in warm sweaters.

Kelly said...

Roban? You wrote this? Ohhhh you are a dreamy writer. Love this

Nancy said...

Your description of fall would entice the most hard hearted to embrace the season...So beautifully said....

beth said...

i love it all, too....except that's it's a precursor to.....ummmm.....i'm not even going to say it :)

miruspeg said...

I love autumn too Roban!
What a magical picture you paint with this beautiful poem.
You have created a piece of art, my clever friend.
Big hugs
Peg xxxx

Traci Brown said...

What a perfect picture painted with smells and color and breezes. Beautiful.